​​Railway Children's Day Nursery

At Railway Children's Day Nursery we use a whole child approach to early years education, as part of our ethos we use 'in the moment' planning to centre  the children's learning. 

This way of planning enables staff to capture the children's current interests at that particular time, staff interact with the children and become involved in their play to build upon what the child is already doing furthering their learning and development. This allows the planning to be completely child led which we feel enables staff to become more in tune with the children, so they are able to scaffold the children's learning better.

We also see the importance of engaging the children in teachable moments, this is done through a mixture of adult and child led activities again using the child's interests as the starting point. We feel by offering all these experiences to children that they will make rapid progress in their development.  

We offer children the core elements of learning within the EYFS  in our setting and all our practitioners are able to be sensitive to those teachable moments where they are able to extend the children's learning. It also gives our staff the opportunity to gain a strong understanding of their key children's knowledge, skills and level of progress, creating more opportunities for learning in one or several areas of the EYFS.

All of the children's learning is recorded in their online learning journals on Tapestry through observation and assessment, again allowing staff to have a bigger picture of the child as a whole.